*Commander Shepard walks into seedy bar full of criminals, approaches waitress*:


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I painted Nathan Fillion as captain Canada riding a giant beaver yesterday. Only tweeted it, but figured it may be tumblr worthy.


I painted Nathan Fillion as captain Canada riding a giant beaver yesterday. Only tweeted it, but figured it may be tumblr worthy.

*crawls to bed*

Meeeh you know how much criminal law depresses me. Well. I’m depressed.

After working alone at the office, we left at noon to drive to the court of appeal, 100 kms away.  I went once before at the Court of Appeal. I like to go, that’s nice, i just follow her and sit back 8D
It was an appeal for a trial i went to, back in november i think. I don’t know if you remember, it was that 21 years old man who assaulted women to steal their bags, with a lot of violence, mostly gratuitous violence, and then attempted murder on a cashier while robbing a store, and all of this in a 2 months span, when he never did anything before.
He had a terrible life, you know, the usual, abandonned by his mother when he was 2, and then went into foster care.
At his first trial, he was terrible, he spoke very little, showed no emotion, and then at the end yelled at the judge.

Today was worst. He didn’t speak. At all. It was terrible. My boss had a lot of troubles to plead that case. Meeh. It’s a luck for him that his sentence can’t be worst in appeal, since the Prosecutor forgot to appeal the decision.

Funny thing though, before our case, there was another… That i also went to ! We weren’t part of it this time, but it was the guy who collected AK47 ! That one was quite funny. His defence of “i also collect lucky charms, sample bottles, stickers and advertising pens” is sort of a private joke between me and my boss now, so today when he said it again, she looked at me with a girnomous smile.

Also, in the car, we were also driving another lawyer who was part of the trial, and you know, carpooling is cool. And we were talking, about clients, about cases, and she told us the worst case i have ever heard.
And yes, that includes the father who rapped his 6 years old daughter case.
That’s even worst.
Luckily i didn’t get too much detail, so i won’t have nightmares. But i know it happened. I won’t tell it here, though. Urgh.

And tomorrow, i have to be at the courthouse at 9 am (*sobs quitely* i am so tired. And not “i need a 12 hours night of sleep” tired, more like, “i need to have no contact with any human being for at least 3 days” kind of tired), for more criminal law.


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